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He crushed the butt of his cigarette in the ashtray and pulled out a new one.

I thought that I must have rushed to tell him that I know how to keep silent. The main thing is that I myself am sure of it

“Now I come to what very few people know. Vladimir lit a cigarette, threw the lighter on the table. Good "Ronson" and

a little familiar to me.

- You know, Tatyana, that in every case there are some tricks that make life easier. You have them, we have them. Traditionally, roulette is made of wood. It is believed that Chance manifests itself more reliably in this way. But we live in a time when they even put some kind of sensors on dog tails, and here - such a deck! In a word, there is a special button near the floor... When the croupier sees that something is wrong, he presses it with the toe of his shoe, and the roulette wheel starts to slow down. This is how the problems of big wins are solved.

- And what happened this time? After all, you probably changed the croupier.



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