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Storytelling Wedding Videography

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Visual storytelling, Cinematic and Creativity

are the core of my videography journey to capture someone's beautiful moments in their life. 

I believe our life is like a camera

"We focus on what's important. "

"We capture the good times. "

"We develop from the negative. "

- Life of Videographer - 

Hi, I'm MJ and I'm passionate about telling visual stories through

my video. I have been working on different video projects and developing my skills for over 5 years.


I'm currently working as Senior Videographer and Photographer 

in RTO industry in Brisbane. With my marketing education and

previous work experience as digital content creator, I understand all key marketing elements, strategies and trends that need to be highlighted in video contents.

We all have our own life stories from getting married to starting up business.  Capturing the unique video with visual storytelling is what I aim for my video projects. 

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