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Video Artist

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Visual storytelling, Cinematic and Creativity

are the core of my videography journey to capture someone's beautiful moments in their life. 

I believe our life is like a camera

"We focus on what's important. "

"We capture the good times. "

"We develop from the negative. "

- Life of Videographer - 

I'm MJ, videographer / cinematographer based in Brisbane

I previously work in marketing industry as digital content creator. 

Currently working as full-time videographer / photographer in education industry. 


Since 2018, I have a dream to be professional videographer and seriously start my videography journey from 2019. Now, videography become my heart and passion in my life. it makes me feel alive every single day when I open my eyes.  

Even we are all from different background, we have our own life story same as all couples and business has their own story how they start up. 

No matter who you are, I try to do my best to capture beautiful story of your day and your business. 

Apart from being videographer, I also regularly join community work as I love surrounding myself with happy smiling faces which made me feel alive in this beautiful world. 

Minjae Shin (MJ)

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